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Walen 2023

Sam Tanson


At the next parliamentary elections, we will be deciding on the direction we want to take in the future. It will be about protecting the foundations of our lives and the climate. It will be about seizing economic opportunities while ensuring social cohesion. And it will be about ensuring that everyone in our country can live freely and in security. No matter where people come from, what they believe in or who they love. Finally, in a world marked both by war and by rapid technological change, it will also be a question of defending our values and our democracy.

We have a lot to lose. But we have even more to gain! With the diversity and community spirit that have made Luxembourg’s success possible in the past, we have the necessary conditions to prepare our country for the future and to preserve what we cherish. A social, resilient and future-oriented Luxembourg that enables everyone who lives here to have an enjoyable and independent life – that is our goal. Protecting freedom, building the future – that’s our mission.

That’s the reason I’m in politics. That’s why my party and I are committed. And that’s why we’ll be asking for your support in October.


A portrait of Sam Tanson (LU)